School Foundation
      Our school was a brilliant idea in Mr. Mohamed Salama's mind. Mr. Mohamed Salama (Allah bless his soul), who had a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Helwan University in 1971 ,  is the founder of our School. He chose a very unique location in New Maadi to offer great educational facilities to several outskirts such as El Basateen, Maadi, Dar El Salam, Zahraa El Maadi and others. Moreover, the school buildings were prepared and designed under his own supervision. Thanks to Mr. Mohamed Salama, the school became a great educational edifice in Maadi. Then, we started to get the necessary legal documents and permissions to complete the legal procedures. We did our best to get the best equipment, furniture, the computer lab and the science lab. All that was supported by the best educational tools. Finally, The dream came true and our dear school was opened in 1987. Our school started its awesome educational services from 1987 up till now.
       Mr. Mohamed Salama gave his wife the responsibility of being the principal of the school in 1987. Mrs. Zeinab Hussein Tawfeek had a Bachelor of Agriculture in 1987. The school started with the pre – elementary stage, meanly with kindergarten and primary one. After that, and due to successful efforts and the increase of the students' numbers, we established a new attached building in 1996. Since that, Zohour El yasmeen Schools had all educational stages: Kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary stages. Therefore, the year 1996 was a turning point for our school as it was no longer one school with limited classes but it became a very famous group of schools in Maadi and its nearby places. For that, we pray Allah to bless Mr. Mohamed Salama's soul as he was the one who thought, planned and designed that great educational edifice.
          Students and their families are full of pride to our schools. Elites of best students graduated from our schools. They became role models to other schools, students, and to their society. Some of our best students are Ahmed Ataaf, the first student of the directorate in the secondary stage, and the two girls Rania Othman and Mariem Mohamed Saleh who are the first students in Cairo Governorate in preparatory three. There are also doctors, accountants, teachers, and scientists each in his own field. Mr. Salama Mohamed Salama, the school principal who got his masters in teaching English from the American University, is also a graduate of our schools.

         The school really appreciates the teaching staff who are very professional and efficient. They exert great efforts  to prepare successful  generations who are of great help to themselves , their society , and their nation. It is an honour that our schools got the Award of  the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation  of Education, and the International School Award  from the British Council. Adding to that, our students got many awards in all fields: scientific, cultural, sports, music …etc.