Dear parent,
Welcome to Zohour Al-Yasmeen Language Schools

Thank you for your trust and choosing us… so kindly read and follow the following instructions during registration to apply on the school website …..This guarantees that we receive your application form and you receive our response…..Thank you for choosing Zohour Al-Yasmeen Language Schools

First: the instructions:
  1. There must be an active e-mail to receive the following: (a confirmation message of the application form+ your son’s username and password)which you will use to login to the school website to determine the student’s interview appointment, their acceptance or refusal.
  2. Kindly, keep the username and password, and follow up the e-mail as soon as you register the application form.

Second: the conditions:
Kindly prepare these documents before filling the form as your application will not be received without uploading the required documents
  1. A copy of the student’s degree certificate.
  2. A copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  3. A new photo of the student.
  4. The parents’ ID for viewing and a copy of the ID. It must be valid; its data must be correct and true.
  5. A copy of the parents’ qualifications.
  6. In case of divorce, separation or any other marital disagreements, kindly upload the document that proves this.

Important notice:
  • The student, the father and the mother must attend at the appointment which you will be told about through your account.
  • The response to your request is within 3 working days and communication is through the e-mail and the school website.
  • If your exact address is different from the address written in the ID , kindly bring what proves your address.